Our Teams work to clear the pathway for your integrated marketing success.
Creative Team
Once we understand your brand energy, ethos, vision and purpose, we align our Creative Department with your immediate marketing, advertising and communications objectives. This is where we create all the visual and copy design elements of your brand, necessary for the successful implementation across your multi-channel strategies and tactics.

This department houses our copywriters, proof readers, content publishers and graphic designers.

Digital Team 
We have a number of separate divisions with our Digital Department, because today's marketing requires it. 

From our social media experts and email gurus, through to our Website designers, videographers, PPC, SEO and SEM specialists: we engage them all to best serve your business.

Once all the above has been completed and you're happy with the workflow so far, we move the entire 'marketing bundle' up to our Integrations Department.  Here, they triple check all the moving pieces and prepare the finishing touches within the technological back-end portals across all platforms. 

Once we're ready to start publishing your multi-channel campaigns per the agreed timelines, this is where the back-end integrations become critical to the sustainable success of your marketing initiatives.

Although the above is a short-form summary of how we work, we're positive it'll help to reassure you that your business, your customers, and your agency investment remains at the very forefront of all that we strive to achieve. 
It's a continual cycle of collaboration, creation, disruption and specialized B2F Teamwork that enables us to help your business succeed in today's times. 

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Although we work round the clock for our clients across the globe, our office trades during standard GMT+2 business hours.

Feel free to contact us here any time, and one of our brilliant B2F'ers will revert back to you soonest.

"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed." -- Napolean Hill

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