“Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points.” -- Jonah Sachs

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The way we do just about anything nowadays has evolved at an unprecedented rate since the advent of the internet.  And so should your Marketing...

Gone are the days when the only things your Chief Marketing Officer had to worry about was what Print Ads you'd run, if Billboards, Radio or TV Ads could be squeezed into the annual budget, and how your company was going to (pray for and) manage the incoming leads with your Sales Team.  

Now, you have the option to hire a selection of affordable solopreneurs and single-specialty experts for every aspect required to produce an authentic and expansive customer Brand Experience Menu to reach all marketing touch points - both online and off

However, that process can be likened to driving to different restaurants across NYC in peak hour for each plate of an eight course meal... 

Even though you may feel full by the time you're finished all eight plates, did your appetizer really pair well with the main course?  Was your dessert offered with the right digestif to round off the dining experience?  Or were all eight courses disjointed and rather isolated from one another?  

Ultimately, not everything that's made available to the modern-day business owner is necessarily the right addition for your customers... or for your company's bottom line. 

In today's noisy, highly competitive and cluttered digital age: the only way to stand out with distinction is by designing your brand's holistic Marketing, Advertising & Communications Strategy... from the inside, out.

That's why more than 65% of business owners choose to work with an Integrated Agency to help them fulfill their marketing objectives.  It's why you should, too. 

Engaging the services of an Integrated Agency like B2F isn't only for large brands with big budgets who already market across multiple channels.  If you're a small business, we can also successfully supplement your existing marketing efforts and provide your company with more skills and resources at a better CTC rate than if you were to hire all the necessary individuals within your own team. 

At B2F, we know how to match your brand energy, ethos and long-term objectives with up-to-date knowledge of the latest opportunities within the greater marketing field, including offline arenas. 

By choosing B2F as your experienced agency partner, you can rest assured that your marketing efforts are wisely invested.  Most importantly: you can leave your customers with a beaming sense of pride in your brand's desire to invest in quality content and marketing initiatives which consistently provide value to them... and keeps them coming back to you for more. 
Is your marketing getting lost in noisy crowds?  Then it's time to let B2F drive your results.


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“If you want out-of-the-box creativity, suggestions and expert advice for your holistic marketing stack, then work with Olivia and her B2F agency.”

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— Nandi
“From brand alignment throughout our social media channels, to successful integrations and other links from our website: B2F gets results."

— Boitumelo

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